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indmap.jpg (14976 bytes)Jammu & Kashmir (commonly referred to as "Kashmir") is situated in one of the most captivating and tumultuous geographical regions of the world. Jammu & Kashmir is nestled in the Himalayan, Pir Panjal and Karakoram mountain ranges, at the cross rounds of South and Central Asia.

Since 1947, Jammu & Kashmir has been at the center of a complex and tragic conflict. This situation has endangered peace and stability in the region and has terribly affected the lives of people in Kashmir. The conflict has also taken a toll on Kashmir's unique and fragile environment. Himalaya.jpg (37557 bytes)

Consisting of hundreds of picturesque valleys connected by high mountain passes and the rivers and streams which have carved out these valleys, Jammu & Kashmir lies surrounded by a series of mountain ranges.  Jammu & Kashmir is the meeting place of the Himalayan, Karakoram, Ladakh, Hindu Kush, and Pir Panjal mountain ranges. (map of J&K showing mountain ranges)

Whether it is the foothills of Muzafarabad, Mirpur, and Poonch, the hidden mountain valleys of Hunza and Gilgit, the grassy plains of Desoai, the massive glaciers of Baltistan, the wildflower meadows and lakes of the Kashmir Valley, the Tibetan Plateau in Ladakh, or the towering snow-capped mountains and snow-melt rivers which transect through it all, Jammu & Kashmir abounds with natural treasures which must be preserved and protected.

Since ancient times Jammu & Kashmir has been renowned for its natural beauty and gentle people. Possessing some of the highest and most beautiful mountain peaks, massive glaciers, blue lakes, rivers, forests, and meadows, Jammu and Kashmir has been likened to a paradise on earth. For thousands of years, this beautiful land with its unique Eco-systems, has been home to a diverse wildlife.

From the classical Persian and Tibetan poets to the rock lyrics of Led Zepellin, Jammu & Kashmir's startling beauty has captured the imagination of artists and writers the world over.

But Jammu & Kashmir far exceeds the expectations and nothing that has been said about it quite prepares one for the majesty of this mountain paradise . . . .


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