Addiction to Liposuction Or Nutrisystem

The results of a study published in the New York Times seems to show that liposuction would be only partially effective. One year after their operations, 32 women in the study have recovered the sucked out fat in other parts of the body. Trying to make sense of these findings is the nutritionist, Dr. Jean-Philippe Zermati:

How do you explain this phenomenon of fat relocation, by the women studied just one year after liposuction?

Dr. Jean-Philippe Zermati: “There exists two types of fats. Dissociate fat structures that model the body is mainly found at the saddlebags, hips, inside thighs, knees or ankles. When these fats disappear, they never come back. The other type of fat are those that concerns storage, which are directly related to being overweight and poor nutritional habits. These can be sucked during liposuction, but will return if the nutritional habits do not change. Everything is linked.

“For a liposuction to be effective, it must apply to non-obese people, which were not bad with their nutritional habits. Otherwise, these fats can return, as demonstrated in this investigation. As part of the study, the followed women were not obese but did not change their eating habits. ”

Does the same mechanism occur in related schemes?

Dr. Jean-Philippe Zermati: “The plan is calorie reduction. Fat cells are subjected to regulation, which will affect the signals sent to the brain to warn of a state of “hunger.” During the regime, the individual eats less than it needs, so it partially empties fat cells. But they do not disappear from the body.

“That’s why the regime still gives the impression of the fight against hunger. It is not possible to have that feeling of perpetual hunger while producing an effort for several years. This explains why most people crack during a diet. The fat cells then return to their original work, and worse, sometimes the body produces new fat cells. The individual then returns to the weight, sometimes even more than before his regime.”

So what is your solution for losing weight?

Dr. Jean-Philippe Zermati: “Liposuction can operate on people who have good eating habits, and who only want to refine their silhouette. As for the diet, it is in my opinion not sustainable in the long term. We must therefore act in depth. The balance is between the psychological and medical. The main element to lose weight remaining disciplined in life. It is essential to start by correcting one’s nutritional habits, without depriving oneself.”

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Abdominoplasty Is Not a Way To Lose Weight – Nutrisystem is Better!

You have tried everything and yet nothing works. Your stomach does not firm up. For some, one answer to this problem is surgery. But without a strict diet, abdominoplasty can’t solve everything.

Marina Carrère d’Encausse and Michel Cymes explain abdominoplasty:

Pregnancy, weight gain or, conversely, significant weight loss, over time, the appearance of belly may deteriorate. The skin is not so elastic, fat accumulates and abdominal muscles relax. If the plans repeatedly and sports have not worked, a more radical method exists: the surgery. But this is a fairly major surgery with postoperative procedures. From a simple tummy tuck to full abdominoplasty with retightening of the abdominal muscles, there are several types of abdominoplasty.

The belly is the body part that essentially contains the muscles of the abdominal wall. The wall covering the lower trunk (below the sternum to the pubis). Its role is to protect the contents of the abdominal cavity, that is to say, most of the viscera, organs of the digestive system and the urinary tract. This wall is composed of a real strap muscle: the rectus abdomen, large and small oblique and transverse muscles; they are responsible for the tone of the abdominal wall. To these are added muscle fat tissue layers and the whole setup is covered with skin.

With age, the appearance of the belly changes. The skin loses its elasticity, the muscles relax. The entire abdominal wall collapses and gives fat the opportunity to accumulate.

Why not abdominoplasty?

Faced with such a problematic body, Sabrina decided to have surgery.

A silhouette which changes with time. With age, weight changes, pregnancy or obesity, the abdominal wall is deteriorating. The skin loses its elasticity, the muscles relax and fat accumulates. Physical consequences. Back pain caused by pressure on the muscles of the lumbar region may appear. In obese people, skin infections can occur in the folds. Psychological consequences. For people with these known variations in weight, it is often difficult to feel good about a body that is no longer recognized.

Strengthen the muscles: not always enough. In people with serious weight issues, physical exercises and diets usually allow them to lose a few kilograms and strengthen certain muscles. But often the results are not up to their expectations. According to experts, there is on average 20% of entrenched fat or excess skin distended.

At 29, Sabrina has already had three children, pregnancies that resulted in the release of her belly. To get rid of what has become a real problem for her, she decided to have surgery.

Abdominal wall sensitivity to weight changes

Suck belly fat or hips, tighten the skin, reposition the abdominal … abdominoplasty adapts to the needs of each patient. Hospitalization only lasts a few days. Skin sutures. She was withdrawn after two weeks. As for the swelling and bruising, they disappear after a month. Is the procedure reimbursed? The Medicare considers as the tummy tuck cosmetic surgery. It supports the costs only if the extra skin completely covers the pubis. Know that this procedure is cumbersome and it does not lead to and automatic and permanent loss of weight. Indeed, if the operated person starts to eat too much, it will automatically resume the weight and therefore the belly. Postoperative precautions. For the first six weeks after surgery, the patient must wear abdominal sheath day and night. He must avoid any sport. The scar will never disappear completely but will fade over time. We can judge the results one year after surgery.

A less intrusive alternative to abdominoplasty is the Nutrisystem. Their meal place will surely help you lose weight especially abdominal fat plus you will avoid surgery. Read more about Nutrisystem and find Nutrisystem promo code.

Nutrisystem VS Soda Tax to Fight against Obesity?

Beginning of the budget review in 2012 of the Social Security by MPs, October 25, 2011. To cover the deficit, the government expects a tax on sodas and sugary drinks, also supposed to fight obesity in France. Dr. Arnaud Cocaul, nutritionist, gives us his opinion.

Between 1997 and 2009, the average weight of French people rose more than 3 kilos while their waist swelled to half a centimeter over the same period. To apparently stem the obesity phenomenon that has increased in recent years the government has planned two taxes: one concerning sodas and another tax that is on beverages with sweeteners. On soft drinks, the price of cans will thus be increased about 2 cents which would constitute a return of 240 million euros. Drinks containing artificial sweeteners will rake in almost 40 million euros.

Public health measure or budgetary economy? Nutrisystem experts say..

Therein lies the ambiguity of these measures. The French population must lose weight but at the same time, contributing 11 billion euros to the government coffers. This raises several questions: Will this increase be enough to fundamentally change the eating habits of people? Is it not paradoxical to hope that the French consume fewer sugary drinks and hope at the same time they buy enough to fill the hole in Social Security? Finally, if we continue with this logic to tax “unhealthy” beverages, why do we not extend the same system to chips, sweets and other foods that make people fat?

“A sword thrust in the water”

Dr. Arnaud Cocaul is a nutritionist. He shares with Nutrisystem his views on the measures called public health: “This decision is a sword in the water nutritional argument. We advance while people will not change their habits, because like disorders, eating behavior are diverse and cannot be summarized in one take into soft drinks. Some gain weight by quitting smoking, others because of physical inactivity. In this case, you also require the French to be playing sports. If you go to the end of things, we should also tax the cookies, chips and other fatty foods. Finally, why not tax the large sizes of sugary drinks?”

He believes this to be a half measure with little chance of success: “It’s like tobacco. If we want to make a change, it is not an increase in cents we must focus on.”

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A Picnic In Summer Mode

Summer is the time for outdoor lunches. How does one prepare a balanced picnic without complicating life? How to get out crisps and traditional ham sandwiches with cheese? Just like our predetermined Nutrisystem meal plans, you can make your own. Our dietician, Solveig Darrigo gives us some ideas:

Preparation time: 20 min.

Cooking time: 15 min.

Ingredients for four people

150g bulgur

250g green beans

4 tomatoes

40g black olives

200 g of natural tuna box (type Bjorg or Constable)

3 boiled eggs

2 c. in s. chopped fresh parsley

1 c. c. of mustard

1 c. in s. cider vinegar

2 c. in s. rapeseed oil

2 c. in s. olive oil

Salt and pepper


1 – In a saucepan filled with boiling salted water, put bulgur and cook for 10-15 minutes over low heat.

2 – Cook the green beans steamed, making sure to leave them crisp. Prepare boiled eggs.

3 – In a bowl, prepare a vinaigrette by mixing parsley, mustard, vinegar, oil, salt and pepper.

4 – Cut the tomatoes into quarters and remove the pits olives.

5 – In a bowl, crumble the tuna and add the cooked beans, tomatoes and olives. Stir in bulgur still warm.

6 – Pour in the vinaigrette and mix all ingredients. Divide the mixture into plates or cups. Arrange the sliced boiled eggs on the salad and serve.

Nutrisystem wants you to simplify your life: do not hesitate to prepare this salad in advance, but then add the dressing just before serving, otherwise it may be absorbed and require another dose before tasting. This is a really good treat!

Inspired by the Nicoise salad, this variant offers bulgur (or cracked wheat) instead of rice and a selective choice of fat, ideal blend of vegetable oils, tuna. This gives a balanced recipe, complete and varied, based on raw-cooked vegetables. You can find more recipes on our Nutrisystem website and you can choose to let us help plan your meals by subscribing to a Nutrisystem meal plan today.

Anorexia: A Major Eating Disorder, Get Nutrisystem Instead

What is anorexia? Can we cure this disease? Staying overly thin at all costs by refusing to eat or forcefully throwing up, a poor self-image are some of the tragic effects or consequences of the eating disorder called anorexia.

Anorexia: a complex disease but Nutrisystem can help

Anne-France managed to overcome this dreadful disease. But not without paying the price as she spent many years constantly visiting the hospital. Anorexia is a disease in its own right; it is an eating disorder but it is not just as a gimmick to lose weight. Behind this pathological refusal to eat also hides great psychological suffering.

The main victims of anorexia are women. About 2% of women suffer from this disease which is most prevalent among ladies from 12-20 years of age. Men, however, are rarely affected (the numbers are about a man for every ten or fifteen women). In France, 10% of anorexic patients eventually die.

Anorexia is largely confined to teenage and adolescent years and it is less common in adulthood. Anorexia in adults mostly is as a result a latent form of anorexia in childhood which has delayed manifestation until adulthood.

Risks and Dangers of Anorexia to Health

This nutritional deficiency has serious consequences:

On a physical level, some patients lose up to 50% of their initial weight. The body chemistry is then completely disrupted; hormonal cycles become unbalanced, for example. In children and adolescents, growth is disrupted and stunted.

Anorexia also does damage to the heart. The heart gets exhausted and the acute potassium deficiency disrupts its operation. This can lead to arrhythmias and sometimes heart attacks. The blood pressure drops. Anorexic people are susceptible to hypothermia as well.

Anorexia also does damage to the digestive system. It causes slow intestinal transit or bowel movements, which reinforces the lack of appetite. The immunity of people suffering for anorexia is severely compromised leaving them more susceptible to the risk of infections and other unrelated ailments.

Excessive weight loss is a consequence of undernutrition due to anorexia. An ideal body mass index is between 18.5 and 24.9. When the body mass index falls below 13, malnutrition is very serious.

Cure for Anorexia: Long And Difficult Treatments

How are people with anorexia supported? In France, there are specialized hospitals, composed of psychiatrists and nutritionists who support people living with this disease. The goal is to save these anorexic patients in great distress.

The hospitalized adults, unlike adolescents, are fully involved in their hospitalization and rehabilitation. They have a decisive will to confront the isolation imposed by this treatment. This is indeed one of the conditions required to help them confront their anorexic problem.

The psychiatric treatment involves monitoring and investigations into the exact causes of food refusal and trying to find some clues to provide the patients with the best course of action that could lead to their recovery. One such program is one administered by Nutrisystem, there are also Nutrisystem discount code available.

Anorexia: Workshops On How to Reclaim One’s Body

There are ways of helping anorexic patients and one of them is introducing a carefully measured diet plan. Nutrisystem is one such diet plans that is proven to help anorexic patients. Asides from managing your food intake and psychological care, Nutrisystem offers patients anorexic body workshops.

From yoga to morphing, Nutrisystem workshops allow anorexic patients to find peace and a center and within their bodies and themselves.

Associations and Aid For Anorexic Patients

For Marie, 22, the return to normal life from her battle with anorexia, has been gradual.

At least one third of anorexics end up recovering and live a normal life free from weight and psychological disorders. Another third retains abnormal eating behavior, with the attendant difficult psychological and emotional life. The last third progresses to severe malnutrition and chronic depression and sometimes even death. A plan such as the ones provided by Nutrisystem can go a long way in saving anorexic people.