Anorexia: A Major Eating Disorder, Get Nutrisystem Instead

What is anorexia? Can we cure this disease? Staying overly thin at all costs by refusing to eat or forcefully throwing up, a poor self-image are some of the tragic effects or consequences of the eating disorder called anorexia.

Anorexia: a complex disease but Nutrisystem can help

Anne-France managed to overcome this dreadful disease. But not without paying the price as she spent many years constantly visiting the hospital. Anorexia is a disease in its own right; it is an eating disorder but it is not just as a gimmick to lose weight. Behind this pathological refusal to eat also hides great psychological suffering.

The main victims of anorexia are women. About 2% of women suffer from this disease which is most prevalent among ladies from 12-20 years of age. Men, however, are rarely affected (the numbers are about a man for every ten or fifteen women). In France, 10% of anorexic patients eventually die.

Anorexia is largely confined to teenage and adolescent years and it is less common in adulthood. Anorexia in adults mostly is as a result a latent form of anorexia in childhood which has delayed manifestation until adulthood.

Risks and Dangers of Anorexia to Health

This nutritional deficiency has serious consequences:

On a physical level, some patients lose up to 50% of their initial weight. The body chemistry is then completely disrupted; hormonal cycles become unbalanced, for example. In children and adolescents, growth is disrupted and stunted.

Anorexia also does damage to the heart. The heart gets exhausted and the acute potassium deficiency disrupts its operation. This can lead to arrhythmias and sometimes heart attacks. The blood pressure drops. Anorexic people are susceptible to hypothermia as well.

Anorexia also does damage to the digestive system. It causes slow intestinal transit or bowel movements, which reinforces the lack of appetite. The immunity of people suffering for anorexia is severely compromised leaving them more susceptible to the risk of infections and other unrelated ailments.

Excessive weight loss is a consequence of undernutrition due to anorexia. An ideal body mass index is between 18.5 and 24.9. When the body mass index falls below 13, malnutrition is very serious.

Cure for Anorexia: Long And Difficult Treatments

How are people with anorexia supported? In France, there are specialized hospitals, composed of psychiatrists and nutritionists who support people living with this disease. The goal is to save these anorexic patients in great distress.

The hospitalized adults, unlike adolescents, are fully involved in their hospitalization and rehabilitation. They have a decisive will to confront the isolation imposed by this treatment. This is indeed one of the conditions required to help them confront their anorexic problem.

The psychiatric treatment involves monitoring and investigations into the exact causes of food refusal and trying to find some clues to provide the patients with the best course of action that could lead to their recovery. One such program is one administered by Nutrisystem, there are also Nutrisystem discount code available.

Anorexia: Workshops On How to Reclaim One’s Body

There are ways of helping anorexic patients and one of them is introducing a carefully measured diet plan. Nutrisystem is one such diet plans that is proven to help anorexic patients. Asides from managing your food intake and psychological care, Nutrisystem offers patients anorexic body workshops.

From yoga to morphing, Nutrisystem workshops allow anorexic patients to find peace and a center and within their bodies and themselves.

Associations and Aid For Anorexic Patients

For Marie, 22, the return to normal life from her battle with anorexia, has been gradual.

At least one third of anorexics end up recovering and live a normal life free from weight and psychological disorders. Another third retains abnormal eating behavior, with the attendant difficult psychological and emotional life. The last third progresses to severe malnutrition and chronic depression and sometimes even death. A plan such as the ones provided by Nutrisystem can go a long way in saving anorexic people.