Addiction to Liposuction Or Nutrisystem

The results of a study published in the New York Times seems to show that liposuction would be only partially effective. One year after their operations, 32 women in the study have recovered the sucked out fat in other parts of the body. Trying to make sense of these findings is the nutritionist, Dr. Jean-Philippe Zermati:

How do you explain this phenomenon of fat relocation, by the women studied just one year after liposuction?

Dr. Jean-Philippe Zermati: “There exists two types of fats. Dissociate fat structures that model the body is mainly found at the saddlebags, hips, inside thighs, knees or ankles. When these fats disappear, they never come back. The other type of fat are those that concerns storage, which are directly related to being overweight and poor nutritional habits. These can be sucked during liposuction, but will return if the nutritional habits do not change. Everything is linked.

“For a liposuction to be effective, it must apply to non-obese people, which were not bad with their nutritional habits. Otherwise, these fats can return, as demonstrated in this investigation. As part of the study, the followed women were not obese but did not change their eating habits. ”

Does the same mechanism occur in related schemes?

Dr. Jean-Philippe Zermati: “The plan is calorie reduction. Fat cells are subjected to regulation, which will affect the signals sent to the brain to warn of a state of “hunger.” During the regime, the individual eats less than it needs, so it partially empties fat cells. But they do not disappear from the body.

“That’s why the regime still gives the impression of the fight against hunger. It is not possible to have that feeling of perpetual hunger while producing an effort for several years. This explains why most people crack during a diet. The fat cells then return to their original work, and worse, sometimes the body produces new fat cells. The individual then returns to the weight, sometimes even more than before his regime.”

So what is your solution for losing weight?

Dr. Jean-Philippe Zermati: “Liposuction can operate on people who have good eating habits, and who only want to refine their silhouette. As for the diet, it is in my opinion not sustainable in the long term. We must therefore act in depth. The balance is between the psychological and medical. The main element to lose weight remaining disciplined in life. It is essential to start by correcting one’s nutritional habits, without depriving oneself.”

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