Abdominoplasty Is Not a Way To Lose Weight – Nutrisystem is Better!

You have tried everything and yet nothing works. Your stomach does not firm up. For some, one answer to this problem is surgery. But without a strict diet, abdominoplasty can’t solve everything.

Marina Carrère d’Encausse and Michel Cymes explain abdominoplasty:

Pregnancy, weight gain or, conversely, significant weight loss, over time, the appearance of belly may deteriorate. The skin is not so elastic, fat accumulates and abdominal muscles relax. If the plans repeatedly and sports have not worked, a more radical method exists: the surgery. But this is a fairly major surgery with postoperative procedures. From a simple tummy tuck to full abdominoplasty with retightening of the abdominal muscles, there are several types of abdominoplasty.

The belly is the body part that essentially contains the muscles of the abdominal wall. The wall covering the lower trunk (below the sternum to the pubis). Its role is to protect the contents of the abdominal cavity, that is to say, most of the viscera, organs of the digestive system and the urinary tract. This wall is composed of a real strap muscle: the rectus abdomen, large and small oblique and transverse muscles; they are responsible for the tone of the abdominal wall. To these are added muscle fat tissue layers and the whole setup is covered with skin.

With age, the appearance of the belly changes. The skin loses its elasticity, the muscles relax. The entire abdominal wall collapses and gives fat the opportunity to accumulate.

Why not abdominoplasty?

Faced with such a problematic body, Sabrina decided to have surgery.

A silhouette which changes with time. With age, weight changes, pregnancy or obesity, the abdominal wall is deteriorating. The skin loses its elasticity, the muscles relax and fat accumulates. Physical consequences. Back pain caused by pressure on the muscles of the lumbar region may appear. In obese people, skin infections can occur in the folds. Psychological consequences. For people with these known variations in weight, it is often difficult to feel good about a body that is no longer recognized.

Strengthen the muscles: not always enough. In people with serious weight issues, physical exercises and diets usually allow them to lose a few kilograms and strengthen certain muscles. But often the results are not up to their expectations. According to experts, there is on average 20% of entrenched fat or excess skin distended.

At 29, Sabrina has already had three children, pregnancies that resulted in the release of her belly. To get rid of what has become a real problem for her, she decided to have surgery.

Abdominal wall sensitivity to weight changes

Suck belly fat or hips, tighten the skin, reposition the abdominal … abdominoplasty adapts to the needs of each patient. Hospitalization only lasts a few days. Skin sutures. She was withdrawn after two weeks. As for the swelling and bruising, they disappear after a month. Is the procedure reimbursed? The Medicare considers as the tummy tuck cosmetic surgery. It supports the costs only if the extra skin completely covers the pubis. Know that this procedure is cumbersome and it does not lead to and automatic and permanent loss of weight. Indeed, if the operated person starts to eat too much, it will automatically resume the weight and therefore the belly. Postoperative precautions. For the first six weeks after surgery, the patient must wear abdominal sheath day and night. He must avoid any sport. The scar will never disappear completely but will fade over time. We can judge the results one year after surgery.

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