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"An poshi teli yeli wan poshi." (Food lasts till forests last.)

- Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Noorani (RA), 14th Century Sufi Mystic of Kashmir

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          Dal Lake, Srinagar          Step inside a Shikara boat


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K.E.W.A. presents an on-line exhibit of paintings of Kashmir. This exhibit includes a collection of some of the work of Kashmir's leading artists today - which we hope to constantly update. Also included is a 100 year-old collection of paintings which portray Kashmir as it once was.  The paintings vary from the snow capped peaks, lakes, forests, flowers, and meadows of Kashmir to the tranquil scenes of life in the villages and towns of Kashmir. The on-line exhibit includes full audio with Kashmiri folk songs. Between the paintings and music, the visitor is sure to experience a deep sense of nostalgia for Kashmir, "paradise on earth". And with this nostalgia, we hope an increased appreciation for the need to safeguard the heavenly environment of Kashmir for our generations to come.

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